We offer free pickup anywhere in Central Jersey for any set of books that we quote as being worth over $40, which could easily be just one textbook!  We offer free pickup everywhere in the state for any set of books we quote at over $150, which is often one semester's books. If you come to our location appraisals are always free. 

We offer quotes both online and in person.  In person we can price a book for you in seconds, even at your location. We will pay on the spot in cash, check, or via Paypal. 


This form is intended for college textbooks that you want a quote for.  You do not need to use this form to sell us your books.  If you have a large number of books, or your books aren't textbooks please look into our other services or contact us 

Note: Due to limitations on the site you can only enter 6 ISBNs at a time.   If you have more than 6 recent textbooks for us to assess send the form again with the same contact information. Serious condition issues should be mentioned in the comments. BOOKS WITH ANY MISSING PAGES AND NON-AMERICAN EDITIONS OF BOOKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 

If you have any issues with the form feel free to email us at mike@batcombooks.com